My Personal Review on Accuweb Host

This detailed review is based on my personal experience with AccuWeb Host. As many people do when searching for a hosting provider, I found plenty of free hosting providers to choose from to help create and manage my new WordPress site. I had a really tough time choosing which web host I wanted to start with, but in the end, I ultimately chose AccuWeb Hosting. I chose AccuWeb Hosting because the service it provides for free is reasonable and adequate for a person or even a small company who is first starting out.

Who is AccuWeb Host

If you read their bio, it looks like the company has been around since 2002, and their founder Rahul Vaghasi was the person who started it all in the year 2002. I like the fact that he was scouring the internet for windows hosting package to manage his personal website, but boy was he disappointed when he came up empty-ended. It’s just because around that time, hosting companies either offered something like a good quantity of disk space and bandwidth but a crappy control panel or one that offered the best control panel but poor mail server option. So Rahul did the smart thing and started to create hosting that offered everything you could ever need into one package. And from there, was born.

The Sign-Up Process

So to be eligible for the free hosting, you must provide a valid government-issued ID, a valid phone number, and a valid email address such as one provided by your ISP or the company you work for. Free-based emails such a, yahoo mail, etc., will not work because Accuweb Hosting is no longer accepting any free-based email address. Don’t ask me why but that’s just the way it is.

What I like about my free web host account

One of the good things I like about AccuWeb Hosting is that there are no ads, and you get full server access via cPanel, which gives access to your database. A few other good things I like is that;

  • You can use your own domain name
  • Database is located in Denver, CO, USA
  • You can have up to 4,999 visitors ( not bad if you are first starting out )
  • You get 30 GB Bandwidth
  • You get free email accounts ( I believe you can have up to 25 )
  • You get free basic backup
  • PHP 7+

And what really stuck out about Accuweb hosting was, well…their customer support team. I was amazed by how quickly they responded to all my questions and how quickly they fixed any issues. I felt like they were happy to have me, which tells me that those employees are probably happy, and happy employees keep the customers happy.

Final Verdict

Usually, there is no such thing as a free lunch. But for the price of free, Accuweb hosting is a solid choice, and the limitations are well within range for a person like me who is just beginning. The only cons that I can think of are that you must purchase your own domain and provide a valid government-issued ID. But providing ID helps prevent fraud like people creating multiple free accounts, which could mess it up for everyone else.